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The Energy of Karabük University Medical Faculty Is Under EMSA’s Assurance

Written by EMSA Generator
The Energy of Karabük University Medical Faculty Is Under EMSA’s Assurance The Energy of Karabük University Medical Faculty Is Under EMSA’s Assurance

Karabük University which is one of the newest universities in our country will use the generators manufactured by EMSA in its medical faculty opened in 2010.

EMSA Generator that completed successful projects both in our country and abroad with more than 40 years of experience is also preferred by Karabük University Medical Faculty.

EMSA Will Provide Energy Support to Medical Faculty

EMSA send two generator sets to provide the additional energy required for the medical faculty in case of emergencies. Our products are designed for the hospital and faculty according to the requests forwarded to use by the university management to ensure uninterrupted energy support and cope with emergencies.

Since energy is the most needed resource for hospitals, two generators manufactured by EMSA are designed to work under the harshest conditions. Accordingly, these products with engines to work in any environment for a long time have 330 kVA and 285 kVA power. Additionally, the generators are designed with insulation to avoid disturbing patients at the hospital and the diesel engine noise is minimized.

EMSA Generators are designed to be easily maintained and ensure both on-site maintenance with a large service network and remote intervention with the opportunities provided by the technology. Therefore, intervention is possible in a short time when there are any problems. Thus, there are no power cuts.

Fast Commissioning When There Is Power Cut

Two generators manufactured by EMSA are designed to be commissioned rapidly in case of any power cuts. Power cuts due to various reasons can be eliminated thanks to standby mode operation. The product is also highlighted to be used as auxiliary power when there is grid energy infrastructure. With this property, our generator in the medical faculty of our university can be used in case of a power cut as well as when there is a need for extra power.

EMSA will be the energy source of patients, instructors and students in Karabük University Medical Faculty. Today, Karabük University like all other users on 6 continents and 102 countries knows that they don’t need to worry about power cuts thanks to generators manufactured by our company.

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