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At the end of 2015, Emsa Generator moved to its new, environment-friendly, state-of-the-art factory located in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone in order to accurately and timely meet the demands of the generator market that grows in both domestic and foreign market. Currently, 65 knowledgeable, experienced and dynamic blue collar personnel and a team of effective engineers experienced in the field of R&D and production are employed at Emsa Generator factory that is built in 30.000 sqm area in addition to the Head Office that employs 90 people in Istanbul Sancaktepe. All production activities in our new production facilities are carried out in accordance with TSE and ISO criteria as well as environmental and occupational health laws and principles. Emsa Generator particularly places importance to R&D and continues to invest in this field. In our new production facilities, productivity is increased with the new test rooms and conveyor system, and the entire system is monitored by barcode system. As a company that is very careful about product quality and time, Emsa Generator is automatically testing its generators with PLC-controlled automatic SCADA units without human touch at its Eskişehir factory. These units are the most advanced test units in Turkey, and there are 3,200 kW generator test counters and 5 generators can be tested at the same time. Also, our new factory is capable of loading at 4 separate locations with 4 loading ramps and 4 forklifts with various powers. In addition to test units, this feature provides us with logistics benefits and allows us to make shipments fast and flexibly.

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