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Baku’s Most Rooted Hospital in Under Emsa Generator Assurance

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Baku’s Most Rooted Hospital in Under Emsa Generator Assurance Baku’s Most Rooted Hospital in Under Emsa Generator Assurance

Emsa Generator that has been offering services in the energy sector since 1977 with generator and alternators products manufactured to match customer needs, completed a new international sales agreement. Emsa Generator that has been working with dealer networks on six continents from South America to Australia with uninterrupted energy needs exported its products to sister-country Azerbaijan. 1 generator sets manufactured by Emsa will be used in Baku Railway Hospital.

Baku Railway Hospital is one of the well-established hospitals in Azerbaijan. The hospital established in 1913 has been offering services to Azerbaijan people for more than 100 years. Baku Railway Hospital has 70 rooms and 3 operating theatres and the Baku Railway Hospital is located near the high population circulation of Baku and there is intensity in the hospital services due to its location. It is known that the generator needs in hospitals are vital. Baku Railway Hospital supplied the necessary generator set for uninterrupted hospital services from Emsa Generator. With a diesel generator set manufactured under the assurance of Emsa Generator, Baku Railway Hospital can provide seamless patient services in case of a power cut.

1 unit E SD-EG Model SDEC Engine, EGK 400-800N Model EMSA Alternator, 1000 kVA diesel engine set purchased from Emsa Generator by Baku Railway Hospital was carefully manufactured by Emsa engineers and has the Emsa Group assurance. This generator set has a remote control system and warning system to decrease the fuel with electronic fuel level indicator as well as easy maintenance and water cooling properties.

Emsa Generator that exports generators to close locations such as Azerbaijan as well as overseas countries move towards its goal to be a global firm by renewing its sales targets every year. Emsa Generator that has been offering services in the uninterrupted energy sector for 40 years by preserving customer satisfaction as well as reaching new customers manufactures carefully to offer the best generators to customers with know-how and experience.  The company operates without compromise manufacturing and marketing processes and carefully evaluates all customer feedback.

Emsa Generator that continues its operations with a dealer network in Turkey and 6 continents around the world where uninterrupted energy is needed such as in Baku Railway Hospital has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate for manufacturing processes and CE Certificate that all environmentally conscious firms must have.

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