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Emsa Generator Is Offering Services In Security Field

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Emsa Generator Is Offering Services In Security Field Emsa Generator Is Offering Services In Security Field

Emsa Generator that makes life easier with the generators developed in every field where humans need energy whether for personal use or the new projects for companies is now set a journey towards Jordan. Emsa Generator products that started generator manufacturing with the ideal to solve the problems of accessing energy are purchased by the Jordanian Armed Forces. Emsa Generator that has previously sold generators for a field such as giant supermarket chains, hospitals, ports, businesses and warehouses where generators are vital will now offer services in the security field for the first time.

In the sales completed on 23/09/2020, the Jordanian Armed Forces which is the military force responsible for protecting Jordan from any threats from air, land or sea purchased 1 1206A-E70TTAG2 Model diesel generator set from Emsa Generator. Jordanian Armed Forces are also known as the Arab Army consist of land forces, air forces and navy.

With the 1 1206A-E70TTAG2 Model Perkins Engine UCDI274J Model Stamford Alternator 275 kVA Diesel Generator Set previously purchased from Emsa Generator which has sold generators to the Arab countries, Jordanian Armed Forces will continue to work with Emsa quality. This generator set is manufactured with the highest quality materials by expert engineers of Emsa Generator to match the efficient use of the customers in the most suitable way. This generator set that does not cause noise pollution in the operating environment with its sound-proof cabin offers ease of use to the customers as it can be controlled remotely.

Emsa Generator desires to guarantee customer safety while taking care of the product quality in generator manufacturing. Therefore, all Emsa Generators have high water temperature alarm to prevent overheating, low oil pressure indicator to check oil pressure, high and low engine speed indicator to show generator engine speed changes, low radiator water level indicators for health generator operation by observing necessary radiator level, overcurrent and high-low generator voltage panel and security and protection alarms that show start/stop errors which are common when generators are used.

Emsa Generator that has been exporting generators to more than 100 countries on different continents around the world and has been offering services in different sectors in our country from the first days of generator manufacturing aims to expand the sales network in the future and bring uninterrupted energy services to geographies it has not reached this moment.

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