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Emsa Generator Meets The Needs of The Health Sector!

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Emsa Generator Meets The Needs of The Health Sector! Emsa Generator Meets The Needs of The Health Sector!

Emsa Generator that has opened its first factory in Sancaktepe in 1977 to meet the ever-increasing generator and alternator demand both in domestic and international market has been answering the energy needs of the seven geographical locations of Turkey and exports its products to various countries in different geographies since the day of its establishment. Emsa Generator lastly sold generators to Al Bashir Hospital in the Jordanian capital Amman and the company is preferred in the health sector as in other sectors with its product and service quality.

Amman which is the capital and largest city of Jordan is at the same time a political, cultural and commercial capital. The hospital hardware gained more importance than ever as the popular centres of individuals in all countries during the pandemic which we experience since December 2019. Therefore, Al Bashir Hospital renewed and equipped with state-of-art technology during the pandemic offers high-quality care to approximately 50,000 patients per month as the most crowded public hospital in Jordan.

Emsa Generator with a wide usage area from production facilities to warehouses, from cafes to the construction sector and from public institutions to home is commonly preferred by hospitals that need an energy source the most during power failure.

BF6M1015CP-LAG Model Deutz Engine, 400 kVA Deutz generator set sold to the Al Bashir Hospital is one of the highly demanded generator series manufactured by Emsa Generator due to its quality. The engine and alternator properties of this generator are as follows:

DEUTZ (Licensed engine series) Series Heavy Duty Type Diesel Engine Properties

4 cycles, water cooling system, turbocharge - intercooler induction

Electronic valve system

12/24 Volt starter and charge alternator

Changeable air, fuel and oil filter

Flexible fuel pipe

Oil discharge valve and extension pipe

Industrial type silencer, exhaust spiral or compensator

No-maintenance battery

Alternator Properties

Brushless, mono bearing, flexible disk 4 pole alternator for harmonic failure

H-type isolation class

IP 21-23 protection class

Built-in warning

Electronic automatic voltage regulator

Stator 2/3 grade for harmonic failure

Protected with alternator coils and insulating varnish against oil and acid.

Emsa Generator that exports to 6 continents and 102 countries aim to be a major player in the uninterrupted energy field in our country and around the world for long years with “Let Your Energy Never Run Out” slogan and products such as diesel generator models, mobile generators, light towers, multiple synchronous systems developed according to customer needs-demands, in-car and under-car generators and dual set.

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