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Interruption assurance EMSA Generator

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Interruption assurance EMSA Generator Interruption assurance EMSA Generator

Continuing its investments abroad without slowing down, EMSA Generator has also undersigned another project in the country. ODE Insulation, providing services in 2 main categories, building and technical insulation, obtained uninterrupted energy with 2 generator sets installed.

EMSA Generator provides uninterrupted energy service to 102 countries on 6 continents. It continues to be a pioneer in the sector with its state-of-the-art products and customer-oriented working approach in every field. Adding value to the country with its foreign investments, EMSA continues its R&D studies without slowing down by constantly renewing itself. With its innovative vision, it provides uninterrupted energy to its users in almost every sector. In this context, EMSA Generator has signed off on another new project in Turkey with the work it has done with ODE Insulation, which provides services in the field of building and technical insulation. Within the scope of the agreement, uninterrupted energy was provided by installing 2 SC27G900D2 models Sdec engines, EGK355-600N model EMSA alternator and 800 KVA diesel generator set to ODA Insulation In this way, the generator sets, which will be activated in any power cut, will prevent the production from being interrupted.

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