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The Energy of Pakistan Central Bank Is Entrusted in EMSA Generator

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The Energy of Pakistan Central Bank Is Entrusted in EMSA Generator The Energy of Pakistan Central Bank Is Entrusted in EMSA Generator

Pakistan Central Bank which is one of the oldest central banks around the world purchased a generator for uninterrupted operation. The bank will use the product of EMSA Generator which is the best brand in our country in this sector.

Pakistan Central Bank located in Lahore, Pakistan preferred EMSA which is among the reputable brands in our country to purchase a generator to prevent any power cuts in the future.

EMSA Will Be At The Centre of Money

EMSA that approaches the aim to be a global brand and supplies generators to 6 continents and 102 countries also manufactured for Pakistan Central Bank.  The 2506A-E15TAG2 Perkins model engine HCI544D model Stamford alternator 440kVA diesel generator set will be manufactured by EMSA for the bank and delivered to the bank. 

The generator is highlighted for complying with international quality standards. Our generator is important for silent operation and the generator can operate at full efficiency during hot weather due to water cooling properties. Perkins engine which is one of the components of the generator is highlighted with its durable structure for heavy service. This means the generator is designed to completely match the bank’s usage.

Another important property of the manufactured generator is that the generator can be used as an auxiliary power unit when there is suitable grid infrastructure. This means eliminating any fluctuation and ensuring continuous operation for a strategic institution such as Pakistan Central Bank. Therefore, the generator lays the ground to be used during the power cuts as well as an additional energy source.

EMSA Is Preferred By The Pakistan Central Bank With Its Quality

From the first day forward, EMSA continues to follow the target and policy to be a global brand and act accordingly. Today, the generators we have manufactured in various countries around the world operate in numerous strategic institutions such as Pakistan Central Bank. All of our products serve to these institutions for long years. Thus, EMSA is preferred by various countries due to its long product lifecycle.

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