Generator Rentals
Generator Rentals

Unleashing Flexible Power Solutions: Generator Rentals with EMSA's Trusted Expertise

Since 1977, EMSA has been continuously producing generators, and with its rental generator service, it's always there for you when you need it!

As one of the country's largest generator manufacturers, EMSA proudly continues its operations, being the company that produced the first alternator in Turkey. Without any need for investment, you can quickly and reliably rent a generator, ensuring you have the right energy source for your needs. With a wide range of machines, monthly or yearly rental options, and stationary or mobile models, at EMSA Generators, we want to make sure you never run out of energy!

Why Rent a Generator?

If you don't need a generator regularly, you can take advantage of our rental service to meet your business's energy needs without investing. At EMSA Generators, we have all the machinery and equipment suitable for your projects and needs.

Considering the requirements of your company or project, you can benefit from renting generators of any power. In addition to a wide range of power options, you can choose between stationary or mobile generator models. This way, a broader product range awaits you without forcing you to purchase equipment you don't want.

So, how can generator rental benefit your business?

Benefits of Renting a Generator

  • Firstly, you won't have to allocate capital from your company's funds. You won't need to buy machinery for temporary needs.
  • Monthly or yearly rental options.
  • Suitable for temporary events like concerts, movies, and theater as well as for power outages resulting from natural disasters.
  • You have full choice over the power you need.
  • You can opt for either stationary installations or mobile (portable) generator rentals.
  • Rental fees are an expense, which can provide tax benefits.
  • Instead of buying one product and experiencing financial loss due to changing needs, you can flexibly switch generators based on project requirements.

EMSA reaches everywhere electricity doesn't. Especially, the mobile generator is often preferred as it's easily set up and ready to use. With cabin-designed generators equipped with the latest technologies, you can access the energy you need with EMSA.

Generator Rental Prices

Generators, used in various areas from concerts to celebrations, construction sites to special events, have different price ranges depending on your needs and expectations.

To get detailed information about generator rental prices, first share your expectations, requests, and needs with us. Our expert team will then contact you to share information about rental generator prices.

So, what factors affect the product prices? Details related to the generator, such as frequency, power, and type of power, directly impact the price. Additionally, do you want a mobile or stationary generator? And are you thinking of renting monthly or yearly? You can easily access the energy you're looking for from our product request page or from the contact numbers below for detailed information about rental prices.

Mobile Generator Rentals

Mobile generators, which can be transported to various locations, are especially preferred for fairs, concerts, and camping areas.

They are also chosen for many construction sites to power lights. Especially to ensure work doesn't get interrupted and to avoid power outages due to various weather events, renting a generator is crucial. Mobile generators can provide immediate energy to any desired area, at any required level.

Stationary Generator Rentals

Stationary generator models, designed and installed by EMSA to meet your expectations, can be chosen for both small and large businesses. Diesel generators available in every brand and power, offering various options beyond 50hz 3-phase, 50hz 1-phase, TWIN 50hz 3-phase, and 60hz 3-phase, also present hundreds of models with engine and alternator choices.

We produce up to 2750 kVA to meet all your needs in our factories, ensuring you never run out of energy by offering our generator rental service throughout Turkey!

Areas of Use for Rental Generators

For over 40 years, with the generators we've produced, we ensure Turkey always remains illuminated. Proudly having successfully completed thousands of projects with our motto "May your energy never run out", we consistently provide uninterrupted energy through our generator rental service, ensuring your operations proceed without any hitches. So, in what areas is this service used? Here are some fields and businesses that utilize generator rentals:

  • Festivals, fairs, concerts, conferences, and theaters.
  • Weddings.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools.
  • Film sets, TV series sets, commercial shoots, and music video shoots.
  • Construction sites, road maintenance operations.
  • Agricultural irrigation.
  • Resorts and hotels.
  • Mining operations.
  • Boats, yachts, and ships.
  • Livestock operations and poultry farms.
  • Exhibitions, openings, dealer meetings, official ceremonies, and rallies.
  • Base stations.
  • Land searches and drilling.
  • Sporting events, TV shows, and live broadcasts.

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