Remote Monitoring System


With Smart Mobile Solutions,

Emsa Generator

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Emsa Generator

Emsa products now have all Smart 500 Control Panel thanks to a project that is jointly developed with Turkcell as a company that closely follows up technology and the products are remotely monitored online as ‘‘FREE’’ for a period of 1 year by our specialized technicians thanks to a sim card embedded into the product during production.

In this system, clients are informed about the forthcoming maintenance of the generators, possible failures are detected in advance, clients are notified immediately and intervention is made for the failures and thus, customer satisfaction is maximized.

In this system, errors can be reset remotely, managers that are responsible for the field can test the products remotely, possible downtime is shortened with faster intervention, number of services is minimized and thus, service costs are reduced, information security is provided and all devices are controlled by remote control. Moreover, clients can use this service during the lifetime of the generator, if they wish.

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