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Akarteks Won’t Be Left in The Lurch with EMSA Generators

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Akarteks Won’t Be Left in The Lurch with EMSA Generators Akarteks Won’t Be Left in The Lurch with EMSA Generators

Akarteks, one of the important representatives of our country in the textile sector, preferred EMSA generators to prevent any problems due to energy loss.

A generator is an important element for Akarteks with 5 million textile piece manufacturing per year. The firm selected EMSA, the most trusted brand of the sector for its manufacturing facilities. Akarteks will minimize the energy loss level in the manufacturing facilities and continue to manufacture without time loss thanks to the EMSA Generator that is the largest representative of our country in the energy sector. 

EMSA Will Link Akarteks to Energy

Akarteks that has been manufacturing in our country for more than 30 years with 4 facilities that have a total of 31 thousand sqm area took a step with EMSA to minimize the energy loss in the factories and keep the manufacturing area active all the time. BF6M1015CP-LAGG3A model Deutz engine EGK315-320N model Emsa alternator 440 kVA diesel generator sets manufactured by EMSA will eliminate the power cuts. The manufacturing will be uninterrupted with our generators that commission in a short time in case of an extraordinary situation.

We have provided the most suitable model and generator set for Akarteks’ manufacturing facilities. Our generators will support manufacturing and decrease time loss with remote intervention, noise insulation and water-cooling properties. In addition to that, the generator will also be used as auxiliary power when there is grid energy infrastructure with standby power mode. Some of the other key properties of our generator are that it directly warns for low fuel levels and enable on-time intervention.

Life Continues from Where It Is Left With EMSA

Energy has an important place in today’s world. This important resource that impacts every aspect of our lives will never be interrupted with EMSA. Therefore, EMSA generators are used around various locations and sectors for this purpose. Today, various facilities and buildings from education to health, communication to manufacturing are linked to energy with our products.

EMSA generators that are present on 6 continents and 102 countries with more than 40 years of experience continues to fulfil an important task by acting as a bridge between energy and societies.

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