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Emsa Generator Quality in Uzbekistan Pandemic Hospital

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Emsa Generator Quality in Uzbekistan Pandemic Hospital Emsa Generator Quality in Uzbekistan Pandemic Hospital

COVID-19 virus that first emerged in 2019 in Wuhan, China spread around the world and negatively affected the entire world in various fields from economy to social life. Uzbekistan with increasing COVID-19 cases in recent days purchases four generator sets from Emsa Generator for the new pandemic hospital.

The first COVID-19 case is seen on 15 March 2020 in Uzbekistan and there has been more than 89.000 cases and 646 deaths due to COVID-19. In this process where most of the health systems of the countries faced a failure, the governments help individuals to benefit from health services against the virus by opening new hospitals. Therefore, Emsa Generators will meet the uninterrupted energy needs of the new COVID-19 hospital in Uzbekistan.

Emsa Generator that follows a quality-oriented and customer-focused approach in generator and alternator manufacturing sold four generators sets:

1 pcs 6M16G275/5 Model Baudouin Engine, EGK280-220N Model Emsa Alternator, 275 KVA generator set

1 pcs 6M16G220/5 Model Baudouin Engine, EGK280-170N Model Emsa Alternator, 220 KVA generator set

1 pcs 6M11G165/5 Model Baudouin Engine, EGK280-150N Model Emsa Alternator, 165 KVA generator set

1 pcs 6M11G150/5 Model Baudouin Engine, EGK225-120N Model Emsa Alternator, 150 KVA generator set 

These generator systems are carefully manufactured by the professional team of the Emsa Group. The generators are tested for all safety tests before the operation, makes usage easier with remote control systems and noise-proof properties and all possible generator failures and damages are considered with various properties such as fuel level detector electronic warning system and water-cooling system.

Today, generators that have a wide range of usage areas from plants, construction sites, warehouses to homes are indispensable for hospitals. Generators play a vital role in the new hospitals opened to treat thousands of COVID-19 cases in the last year. The slightest power cuts in the IC units can cause irrevocable damages. Therefore, generators manufactured with 40 years of experience of Emsa Generator are frequently preferred to offer problem-free health services in case of any power cuts.

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