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Emsa Generator Quality Is in Mauritania After 102 Countries

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Emsa Generator Quality Is in Mauritania After 102 Countries Emsa Generator Quality Is in Mauritania After 102 Countries

Reputable, innovative and quality-focused Emsa Generator is now opening more than 40 years of experience to Mauritania.

The quality of Emsa Generator that serves individual and professional use expands the market network with the product range that makes life easier. Our company that addresses leader companies in various sectors such as defence, health, urban infrastructure and giant supermarket chains adds another customer from Afrika and proudly exports quality and reputable products to Mauritania.  Our Emsa Generator company that has been included in the electric-electronic export honour list and among the few companies that offer uninterrupted services in Turkey adds new customers every day and continues to be known in the international market for its quality.

Emsa Generator products are now ready to be used in projects and sales of sector leaders companies in the energy and renewable energy, electronic, electric engineering and automation fields in Mauritania. This company that is known in energy and engineering companies chose Emsa quality.  Emsa sent 5 WP4D66E200 model DEUTZ engine UCI274C model STAMFORD alternator 110 kVA diesel generator to buyer company.

Emsa Generator aims to guarantee customer safety while taking care of the product quality in generator manufacturing as its mission. Therefore, all Emsa Generators have high water temperature alarm to prevent overheating, low oil pressure indicator to check oil pressure, high and low engine speed indicator to show generator engine speed changes, low radiator water level indicators for health generator operation by observing necessary radiator level, overcurrent and high-low generator voltage panel and security and protection alarms that show start/stop errors which are common when generators are used. Emsa Generator factories manufacture according to TSE and ISO criteria and do not compromise quality and safety. Emsa Generator that adopts an environmentally-friendly manufacturing polity has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in manufacturing processes as well as CE Certificate which every environmentally-friendly company should have. Additionally, the company that is open for special requests from the customers with generators types suitable for the space they will be positioned offers 24/ services to customers with location and power evaluation before sales, transportation support services during sales and failure support and maintenance services in aftersales. Our company adopts a customer satisfaction-oriented approach by updating products and services based on customer feedback and recommendations.

Emsa Generator that has been offering services in the different sector including health, entertainment, shopping, security, food, animal husbandry and manufacturing since 1977 until today in our country and around the world in generator manufacturing and exporting generators to 102 different countries on 6 continents aims to expand the sales network in the future and bring uninterrupted energy services to geographies it has not reached this moment.

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