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EMSA Generator Will Be Added to ViaPort Marina’s Energy Infrastructure

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EMSA Generator Will Be Added to ViaPort Marina’s Energy Infrastructure EMSA Generator Will Be Added to ViaPort Marina’s Energy Infrastructure

ViaPort Marina located in Tuzla, Istanbul with a shopping mall and a marine will use EMSA generators to complete its energy infrastructure.

The energy for locations with continuous life such as ViaPort Marina should be uninterrupted. The ViaPort Marina officials who want to eliminate any negative impacts in case of a power cut trusted in the power of EMSA Generators.

EMSA Will Eliminate Power Cut

Any power cut is eliminated in a short time with the generators manufactured by EMSA. The main properties of these manufactured products include automatic commissioning in case of a power cut. Thus, the business can get fast and uninterrupted electricity without any delay and the work can continue without any interruption. Our generator sets have been in numerous countries with this property and we manage to support firms and businesses.

ViaPort Marina purchased a 6M33G825/5 model BAUDOUIN engine EGK355-600N model Emsa alternator 825 kVA diesel generator set and this product is rapidly manufactured and delivered. Using the generator as an auxiliary power source with the standby mode when there is grid energy infrastructure is extremely important for locations such as ViaPort Marina.

With the external cabin manufactured from insulated material both the marina and shopping mall visitors will not see the generator. Thus, the accustomed noise of the generators will not impact ViaPort Marina.

As the name suggests, ViaPort Marina is not just a shopping mall and entertaining location but also a marina. This place that blends the marina and shopping mall culture needs energy 24/7. EMSA generator undertakes any task with perfection and is ready to offer support for any other needs.

EMSA generator that is rightfully proud to be one of the most preferred generator brands around the world continues to work in critical locations both in our country and 102 other countries due to its dedication to quality.

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