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Emsa Generators Are in Eastern Europe

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Emsa Generators Are in Eastern Europe Emsa Generators Are in Eastern Europe

Emsa Generator, one of the few uninterrupted diesel generator manufacturers in Turkey, expands its international market with agreements in East Europe just like other countries around the world. Emsa Generator strengthened its name in the Romanian market in 2021 with the sales of 700 kVA twin generator sets to the largest asphalt centre of Romania.

As it is known, Romania adopted a Western type of democracy as of 2007 and joined the European Union in the same year. Starting from 2007, Romania re-organized its entire institutions to become a European Union country and put a lot of efforts to transform the cities into a modern structure. The roads in the capital Bucharest and surrounding cities have been reorganized for the transportation between the European countries to work seamlessly. At this point, the asphalt centre in Romania plays a huge role. With Emsa Generator’s uninterrupted power sources, the institution takes solid steps towards making Romania the centre with all the transportation opportunities of a modern European city.

2 BF8M1015CP-LA-G5 Model DEUTZ Engine, S354G520E7 Model EMSA Alternator, 700 kVA Twin Diesel Generator Sets sold to Romania asphalt centre has extra equipment such as

  • Charging ammeter
  • Moulded case circuit breaker
  • Critical type silencer
  • Soundproof Canopy
  • Synchronisation control panel for 2-6 generator sets
  • 3 pole / 4 pole automatic transfer panel (A.T.S.)
  • Fuel and oil heater
  • Alternator heater
  • Automatic fuel filling system
  • Fuel-water separator filter. Also, all products of Emsa Generator have high water temperature, low oil pressure, high and low engine speed, low radiator water level, overcurrent load, high and low generator voltage, safety and protection alarms showing start/stop errors to maximise the user safety.

Emsa Generator that does not compromise quality at every stage of generator and alternator manufacturing and also deserve appreciation with its sensitivity against the environmental and human health issues is frequently preferred by customers as it is an assuring company due to accessibility provided by the company at all stages of sales.

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