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EMSA will meet the uninterrupted energy need of Cerrahpaşa Medical School

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EMSA will meet the uninterrupted energy need of Cerrahpaşa Medical School  EMSA will meet the uninterrupted energy need of Cerrahpaşa Medical School

EMSA Generator will meet the uninterrupted energy need of Cerrahpaşa Medical School, one of the most important medical schools in Turkey. 

EMSA Generator is among the few generators and alternator manufacturers that serves various businesses and institutions with more than 40 years of experience on 6 continents and in 102 countries. EMSA Generator that succeeds as a supplier company in the energy generation market in Turkey and the world with the modern manufacturing techniques used in generator and alternator manufacturing and its expert team continues to offer uninterrupted energy support to companies in Turkey. 

Uninterrupted Energy Support to Leader Medical Faculty in Turkey 

EMSA Generator that offers services to users with portable generators and custom solutions such as diesel generators, mobile generators, light towers, synchronous systems designed for a customer request, in-vehicle/under vehicle generators send 2 generator sets to meet the uninterrupted energy need of İstanbul Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty.  800 KVA diesel generator sets manufactured to meet the needs of the hospital will instantly commission when there is a power cut and supply uninterrupted energy to the hospital.  The designed generators have insulation to prevent the patients from being disturbed by the noise in the hospital environment and the sound of the generators are minimized. On the other hand, the generators are manufactured to be durable to withstand the harshest conditions. Since EMSA is a customer-oriented company, the maintenance of the allocated generators is easy. On-site failure intervention is possible with the large service network. Additionally, remote intervention to failures is possible thanks to the system that continuously match the technology. Thus, continuous energy support is provided.

Instant Commissioning When There Is Power Cut

The importance of energy in the medical sector is known. EMSA Generator is aware of these needs and provides services accordingly. The generators are designed to instantly commission in case of a power cut and prevent all energy-related negative events in İstanbul Cerrahpaşa Medical School. Standby mode will be precautions against the negative events that might be experienced during power cuts. Using the allocated generators as auxiliary power when there is grid energy infrastructure is one of the attractive properties. The generators can also be used as an extra power course in addition to being used during power cuts. 

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