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Hungarian Government Preferred Emsa Generator

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Hungarian Government Preferred Emsa Generator Hungarian Government Preferred Emsa Generator

Emsa Generator that exports to 102 countries on more than 6 continents continue to sell products abroad. While the company contributes to the national economy with these sales, Turkish-origin Emsa continues to echo the name of Turkey all around the world with its services.

Lastly, 1 2806A-E18TAG2 model PERKINS engine EGK355-550N model EMSA alternator 700 kVA diesel generator set is sent after a sales agreement with the Hungarian Government. Emsa Generator brand preferred by the Hungarian Government facilitates the entire process to be fit for this selection and shipped the product without any problems.

700 kVA diesel generator set with water cooling, remote control system, noise isolation cabin, diesel, 3-phase, low fuel level warning system and easy-to-maintain structure is manufactured according to quality standards and delivered to the Hungarian Government.

Hungary which has an export-focused economic system imports very few products. They have selected Emsa Generator and Turkey for their very few imported products.

Hungary which is a member of the European Union and has strong commercial relationships with the European Union countries preferred purchasing products from Emsa Generator instead of these relationships as Emsa Generator proved its expertise, professional approach and corporate structure.

Emsa Generator Continues to Grow

Emsa Generator that exists both in Turkey and around the world continues to grow by exporting to more than 102 countries on 6 continents.

With 30 thousand sq2 manufacturing facilities, professional engineers and an expert blue-collar team, the company manufactures according to TSE and ISO criteria.

Emsa Generator which has a corporate structure in logistics and shipment as well as manufacturing continues to be the sectoral pride of Turkey.

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