Wednesday, 16 December 2020 12:27 Data Centres Are Entrusted in Emsa Generator

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Communication and technology are Up and Running at with EMSA’s Support Communication and technology are Up and Running at with EMSA’s Support

Emsa Generator that meets the energy needs in various fields such as domestic and international production facilities, airports, stadiums and warehouses is also preferred in data centres. Emsa Generator with its quality and safety-based production in factories equipped with the latest technologies has agreed with Russia’s most important internet companies for generator sales. which is established in Russia in 1998 to provide e-mail services currently has the most used websites by the people in Russia and surrounding countries. has image sharing, video sharing, online games, social network, agent/ instant messaging service and folder cloud service brands.

Emsa Generator products under Emsa Group that meet various corporate energy needs in Turkey and around the world with 40-years of experience will be used for supporting data centres in Moscow. As it is known, data centres are the areas with servers and data warehouses of businesses. Data centres are extremely important for websites frequently visited by large masses like These data centres that use uninterrupted power supplies with redundancies require generators for the system to continue its operations uninterruptedly in case of any failure in the electric systems. 

To meet this uninterrupted power supply need in its data centres, will use Emsa Generator energy production which is known around the world as well as in Turkey. 

Generators sold to consist of 4 synchronous system PERKINS 4008-TAG2A model engine, Stamford HCI634J model alternator 1125 kVA generator sets.

Emsa Generator creates private projects to decrease the costs and prevent dependency on a single generator based on customer demands. The synchronous systems sold to are manufactured for this purpose. In multiple synchronous generator systems, the required energy is supplied by distributing the energy to multiple generator sets.  Since these systems have both lower sales price and lower service and repair cost compared to other generator systems, they provide an advantage in financial terms and ensure higher profit to customers due to versatility in the operating system.

Emsa Generator that actively exports to 6 continents and 102 countries around the world is preferred in the various field by multiple sectors for its diesel generators models like synchronous systems, mobile generators, light towers and on-demand custom design generators.

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