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The Largest Aesthetic Centre of Georgia Preferred EMSA Quality

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The Largest Aesthetic Centre of Georgia Preferred EMSA Quality The Largest Aesthetic Centre of Georgia Preferred EMSA Quality

Aptos Global Aesthetic Centre which is one of the largest and most advanced aesthetic centres of Georgia that serves the region for more than 30 years will be illuminated with the generators manufactured by EMSA.

EMSA that has been commonly mentioned with the services to the various places around the world has managed to reach 6 continents and 102 countries until today. Aptos Global which is one of the largest aesthetic centres of Georgia with an important position to address the region will have uninterrupted energy by using the generators manufactured by EMSA.

EMSA Preferred By The World Is Back Again In Georgia

Aptos aesthetic centre in Georgia offers services to individuals in the country as well as individuals around the world. In this sense, Aptos has an important position and the centre decided to take certain steps to avoid power cuts. The hospital agreed with the EMSA generator which is one of the most well-known brands around the world and purchased 1 2206A-E13TAG2 model PERKINS engine S4L1D-E model Stamford alternator 400kVA diesel generator set. This set has water cooling, remote control and noise insulation. Additionally, the generator has a hospital-type silencer and the maintenance is easy with fuel and oil level control panel.

EMSA Follows The Developing Technology

EMSA generator represents our country in various countries with the quality and manages to do this by following the developing technology. Our products offer energy at different critical points in Georgia and around the world and prove their quality with long years of service. Our agreement with Aptos Global operating in the country with a global scope following the 2 generators provided to Georgia in the past few days show how further our brand has moved.

EMSA considers the continuously developing needs in the health sector and meets these needs. Since the hospitals need continuous energy, our remote-controlled and automatically commissioned generators in case of a power cut prevents and problems for the patients. Thus, our generators connect individuals to live not just to energy. We know that there is no room for critical error and we continue to work night and day for this purpose.

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