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The Representatives of The Fashion Sector Preferred EMSA Generators

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The Representatives of The Fashion Sector Preferred EMSA Generators The Representatives of The Fashion Sector Preferred EMSA Generators

MK MODA ATELIER manufacturing fashion accessories supplied a generator from EMSA to be used in its manufacturing facility.

MK MODA ATELIER that doesn’t want any manufacturing interruptions due to power cuts purchased a generator set with 1 Deutz engine and EMSA alternator for its facility in Söğütlü Organized Industrial Zone in Sakarya.

The Important Company of The Sector Is Under EMSA Assurance

EMSA will eliminate the power cuts in MK MODA ATELIER facilities with the generator it manufactures. The facility that manufactures for the important sectors of our country is in the manufacturing sector for the vital pieces for designer products and ship them all across Turkey. Therefore, there must be continuous energy in such a sensitive facility.

The officers of MK MODA ATELIER with approximately 20 years of experience in the fashion industry purchased 1 BF6M1015C-LA-G3A model Deutz engine EGK315-320N model Emsa alternator 440 kVA diesel generator set as they trust EMSA’s quality. These sets are designed to be automatically commissioned when the factory needs energy. Additionally, the set is designed to meet all energy requirements when there is a power cut.

EMSA with Impeccable Service Network

EMSA is always by the side of the companies that preferred it not just with quality products but also with the impeccable service network. The service is fast regardless of the location of the generator and the service teams can instantly intervene to problems. This tells us why EMSA is preferred in various locations around the world.

Today, EMSA works hard to be a global brand as well as a local brand. We fly our flag with our generators and other products in well-known and lesser-known locations around the world.

Today, EMSA’s quality offers energy support in various fields to facilities in education, technology, holiday and manufacturing sectors. While the generator sets in MK MODA ATELIER operating in the fashion sector in Sakarya for long years ensure the manufacturing continuity, we create added value for our country.

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