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The Selection of Moroccan National Ports Agency for Port Agadir Emsa Generator

Written by EMSA Generator
The Selection of Moroccan National Ports Agency for Port Agadir Emsa Generator The Selection of Moroccan National Ports Agency for Port Agadir Emsa Generator

Emsa Generator that started its journey in the energy sector by prioritising the human principle continues to preserve a human-centric approach in environmental sensitivity and customer satisfaction while preserving the dynamics both in domestic and international markets with quality services offered in the professional manufacturing process and seamless delivery. 

Emsa Generator with its uninterrupted energy opportunities and aftersales support services lastly sold generators to National Port Agency (ANP) in Agadir, Morocco to ensure uninterrupted port operations.

Agadir city where Emsa generators will be used is located in the southwest of Morocco. Agadir city is extremely important due to its geographical position as well as for the economy of Agadir state. 

The National Ports Agency (ANP) which the Port Agadir is connected to and was established in 2006 controls all the ports in Morocco.

The National Ports Agency claimed to be working for creating a competitive environment across the Moroccan Ports has duties such as providing police in the port region, security and environmental protection, healthy competition, efficiency, protecting the port heritage and offering safe and quality services.

With the generator sets purchased from Emsa Generator, The National Ports agency will meet the uninterrupted energy need while ensuring the security and order of the Port Agadir.

1 pcs 1400kva diesel generator set powered by 12M33G1400/5 model Baudouin Engine, EG400-100N3 model EMSA Alternator and Ultra-Silent Canopy purchased by The National Port Agency from Emsa Generator was manufactured with Emsa Group assurance as well as a result of detailed work of an expert team. This generator set has a remote-control system and warning system to decrease the fuel with electronic fuel level indicator as well as easy maintenance and water-cooling properties.

Emsa Generator is expanding its export network in other African Countries as well as in Morocco. Emsa Generator that exports in 6 continents in the global energy production market and with dealers in 102 countries has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate as well as a CE certificate that shows the products are environmentally safe. The company that cares about human and environmental health, as well as the quality in the production processes, sets an example to various companies in this sense.

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